Upcoming events

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Past events

December 16 2018

Winter Flashmob

Puerta de Alcalá

6-6:30pm Christmas Flashmob with 30 students

Templete del Retiro o Casa de Vacas (Plaza Nicaragua, 12) Metro Retiro

6:30-7:30pm Holiday Party and Social Dance

October 27th 2018

 “Siempre vacilando” workshop

New variations of vacila and vacílala to help leads and follows review similar steps.

In order to sign up, you will have to know vacila/vacílala. We will, however, review those at the beginning.

When: From 4.30 to 6 p.m.

How much: 12€ for an hour and a half. Dame2Salsa currently enrolled students will only have to pay 8€.


September 22nd 2018

Salsa + Food + Salsa + MORE Salsa!

(Photography: Juanpics)

FREE salsa ALL day and welcome back party in Distrito Retiro!

Centro Cultural Daoíz y Velarde  (Av. De la Ciudad de Barcelona 162) Metro Pacífico

12-15:30 Salsa Libre organized by La Malanga

Templete del Retiro o Casa de Vacas (Plaza Nicaragua, 12) Metro Retiro

16:00-17:30 Welcome back picnic!

18:00-18:30 Level Tests and Ruedas

*18:30-19:30 Salsapiens Info Session: First info and mini practice session for new Dame2Salsa dancers interested in trying out for our competitive team for the Liga de Rueda Almazenada in 2019.

*Open for students who have completed Level 2

Bachata workshop May 20 and 21 – 2017

Join us and learn bachata in this two-hour workshop. We’ll go over basic the steps, lots of moves, and some differences between bachata and bachata sensual.  We’ll pull everything together with a series of moves. The price for this two-hour workshop is just 10€. Exclusive for Dame2Salsa students.